The Prison Nurse


Starring: Lucy Purr, Jasmin Jai

Script by Doctor TGB

Lucy Purr is brought in wearing a prison jumpsuit. Nurse Jasmin Jai enters wearing a nurse costume and a stethoscope around her neck. Lucy turns and faces the camera.
Jasmin Jai: Your appeal has been denied. Your execution will be conducted by electrocution. It will be my job to make sure the process is terminal so that you do not suffer.
Lucy: I understand.
Jasmin: Please open your jumpsuit.
Lucy unzips her jumpsuit. She is naked underneath. She holds the suit open revealing her breasts.
Lucy: Need an eyeful?
Jasmin: Stand up straight and hold your suit open.
Jasmin puts her stethoscope on and begins listening to Lucy’s heart. We see Jasmin’s face as she obviously is enjoying it. The stethoscope moves around Lucy’s chest.
Lucy: Enjoying yourself?
Jasmin: Your heartbeat is beautiful.
Lucy Why go through this trouble? In a few minutes, my heart will stop beating anyway.
Jasmin: If your heart is very strong, we have to adjust the current.
Jasmin continues to listen to Lucy’s heart. Her breathing quickens as she is obviously enjoying the examination.

Lucy: (trying to take advantage of the situation) Can’t you help me? …..

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