Jacquelyn Velvets Cam Show


Jacquelyn Velvets Cam Show

Starring: Jacquelyn Velvets and Scott Torvea

Jacquelyn Velvets is a you tuber and she is doing a live video talking about her new job at an office. She is wearing thigh high black leather boots and full length black gloves. Suddenly, a masked man (played by Scott Torvea) shows up behind her and slowly walks to Jacquelyn. She does not realize it and keeps talking to the camera. He sneaks up behind her and puts a silk small cloth on her face drenched with chloroform. Jacquelyn tries to fight but is forced to comply. He drags her walking backwards until the camera sees Jacquelyn’s full body.

After struggling and fighting she is left drowsy on a chair. He removes her glasses and walks away. Jacquelyn is left drowsy while the intruder goes through her house looking for loot. He comes back every now and then to slap her face to make sure she does not go completely out and to play with her. Scott lifts and carries her just playing with her however he wants. Scott comes back with a chair, he sets it up with a bottle with a tube and mask attached to it. He puts the mask over her face and allows the fumes to take affect. She is left to drowsy to resist.

He asks her where she keeps the jewelry but she is too weak to respond. Finally he turns off the camera so there are no witnesses.