Naked Workout Autumn Borrelli Part 3


Staring Autumn Borrelli, Dakota Charms

So far Autumn has met Dakota and feels like they are making good stride in her workout. Dakota was happy to oblige Autumns request to be naked and began to put her through her routine. As you saw in Part 2 Autumn is working up a sweat and even on the floor doing abs she powers through. Cardio is a great way to get in shape; jumping jacks will start the heart pumping. Front and back, what a great view of Autumn as she runs in place. The more Autumn works out the more sweat beads up on her shimmering body. Streams running down her breast as her cardio increases; you can see what an amazing workout Autumn is having, and the results are just as amazing. The program will take Autumn to the limits, coming up.

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