Naked Workout Autumn Borrelli Part 2


Staring Autumn Borrelli, Dakota Charms

Previously Autumn has arrived for her workout appointment and her and Dakota have got acquainted and are ready to start Autumns workout. After requesting to be naked for the workout they are warmed up and ready to go. Now, Dakota is sure to get all the muscles working to see her form and where she will be in her program. Getting a good view, front and back, Dakota continues to work Autumns body. Standing, front, back and on her knees Autumns workout is starting to get the sweat going. Her glistening body stays with Dakotas every instruction. Stretching her legs gets the sweetest view up Autumns legs to her pussy. Now the abs; on the floor Autumn performs every move with grace. A little stretch and they are ready for more.

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