Loan Shark Blues 3 Macy Nikole


Starring Macy Nikole and Scott Torvea

Well, they established that he gave her 2 hours to get the money, of course she ran. It has been a few weeks since then. Scott has chased her through multiple states, she was always one step ahead of him until she got to Missouri.

He informs Macy that Missouri is known as the “show me state”, that’s exactly what she is going to do. Scott also explains that everyone cheered when she came in because they’re all looking forward to watching her punishment. The camera is on the closed circuit monitors all through out the bar. He even charged admission for this show.

He turns her around and gives her ass a good smack, before making her take her shoes off. Then he grabs her by the throat and forces her to get nice and close to the camera as he explains what he is going to do to her. With fear in her eyes and begging for him to stop, he brings her back so the camera can get a good view of her body, removes her shirt part way and makes her take it the rest of the way off along with her shorts while he has a good grip on her throat.

Scott then turns her around and puts her head between her legs, she tries to resist but it is useless and he decides to give her a nice little spanking before he takes her panties down and lets them drop to around her knees. She fights him as he removes her little black bra revealing her nice little tits, she tries talking back but he puts his hand over mouth while he explains that his Shrink told him that he needs to control his anger and right now, she is his anger, so he is going to do what he was told and control her.

He makes her beg for him to fuck her over and over until he is convinced. Scott then makes her drop to her knees so he can shove his cock in her mouth. When she refuses he lets her know what is in store for her and drags her off to another room.