Loan Shark Blues 2 Macy Nikole


Starring Macy Nikole and Scott Torvea

Last time Macy said she could have the money for the boss in one week, and out of the goodness of Scott’s heart, he gave her 2 weeks. Needless to say she ran and Scott had to go find her and bring her back to the bar. He drags her into the back room where there is a closed circuit video camera playing the action for everyone in the bar. Scott asks her why she ran, but before she can answer he puts his hand over her mouth so he can have a moment of silence before he hears her lies.

After her weak excuse, he man handles her up to the camera and makes her say she is sorry. He picks on her for having a Canadian accent, after all she has only been hiding out there for a few weeks. Holding her arms as he drags her back so the viewers can have a full view of her sexy little body. He lifts up her top and gives everyone a good look at her tits. She protests so he grabs her by the throat to shut her up.

Slowly he removes her top, then removes her high heeled boots one at a time while she struggles. He explains her situation and while she is still resisting he pulls her pants down half way and makes her wiggle them the rest of the way off.

He turns her around puts her head between his legs and takes off her panties with the camera getting a great view of her ass. Finally with her naked and still in his grip she tells him that she will have the money in two hours. He makes if very clear that if she doesn’t have it in two hours he will shove his cock down her throat. She agrees and he lets her go, knowing she is going to try to run. But for him, the chase is half the fun!