Loan Shark Blues 1 Macy Nikole


Starring Macy Nikole and Scott Torvea

Macy borrowed money from the boss, she is used to getting her way because of her pretty face and beautiful fit body, so of course she didn’t feel she actually had to pay it back. She couldn’t have been more wrong. She will have to pay it back with interest.

It starts off with Scott dragging her into the back room of the bosses bar, he has a camera set up to catch all of the action. He informs her that the camera is set up so the boss can see exactly how he is taking care of the problem. He asks her if she has the money, but of course she doesn’t, instead she tries to give excuses as to why she doesn’t have it. Not satisfied with her excuses he takes matters into his own hand. He grabs her by the throat and explains the situation she has gotten herself into. He gropes her cute little tits she screams for him to stop, so he puts his hand over her mouth and further explains that she is helpless. He decides that she really needs to learn a lesson by forcing her to remove her clothes. She begs for him to stop as he slowly removes each and every piece her of clothing. He bends her over and spanks her tight little ass for his troubles.

During her struggles he decides to see how wet her tight lille pussy is, and it is drenched, he decides that she must love being treated like a whore. She is trying to cover up to no avail, he is just too strong for her and easily over powers her. Finally she tells him that she will get him the money with in a week. He agrees to let her get the money but warns her that if she doesn’t get the money within the time frame he will hunt her down and make sure she pays with her ass.

Oh and he almost forgot to mention was that the entire bar was watching on closed circuit tv the whole time and now she has to walk out through that same bar.

Does she come up with the money? Let’s hope not.