Testers Wanted Autumn Borrelli


Starring Autumn Borrelli and Scott Torvea

Testers Wanted is a series that we were asked to bring back.

Autumn has never done a clinical trial before, but she figured how hard could it be. You just answer some questions or something and collect the money… She couldn’t have been more wrong!

Autumn signed the wavier and is led to a room, once there, she meets the tech who tells her they are working on a machine to help with prosthetic limbs. She is a little confused because she has all her arms and legs, but figures what the heck, she is there and going to get paid.

The tech leaves the room to calibrate the machine and after a few moments is when the fun begins!! She didn’t realize this machine controls her body completely. At first her arm goes up and then back down. She is confused but just thinks is is a spasm or something. Then her other arm, soon she realizes she has no control of her body and watches in horror as she is made to take her clothes off and grab herself.

When the tech comes back he is shocked to see her naked and accuses her of trying to sabotage his tests!!! Upset and embarrassed she tries to tell him that it was the machine that did it, but he is not having it.