Dumb Her Down Sinn Sage And Candle Boxxx


Starring Sinn Sage and Candle Boxxx

Sinn Sage and Candle Boxxx are roommates. They have never had much luck attracting attention from men due to their bookish nature and dorky clothes. Sinn is in the living room reading a book, when a ditsy stranger startles her. Sinn is confused when the stranger turns out to be her roommate, Candle! She can hardly recognize the sexy blonde bombshell in front of her. Sinn asks Candle how she transformed from a dork to a knockout. Candle has trouble articulating her transformation. She tells Sinn she ordered a product advertised in an old magazine that promised to turn any girl hot.

Sinn is skeptical as it seems Candle’s looks aren’t the only thing that changed. Candle shows Sinn the bottle and tries to explain that there are side effect, but she can’t really remember what they are. Sinn reads the bottle and discovers that the side effect is a loss of intelligence. This information doesn’t seem to bother Candle as she moronically giggles and tells Sinn how much attention she has been getting since her transformation. Sinn admits it would be nice to know what it’s like to be a hot girl that every guy wants to date, but she also enjoys being smart. She points out that intelligence doesn’t get you very far, and it leaves you lonely every night.

Candle continues rambling about how much better life is when you’re the hot girl, Sinn decides that she’s willing to give up her intelligence for more attention from men. She takes the bottle and mixes the contents with a glass of water. She gulps down the concoction as Candle cheers and claps. Sinn describes a tingling feeling in her mouth, but Candle has a date and jumps up to leave Sinn. She continues to feel funny, as the tingling feeling begins to move throughout her body. She stands up, rubbing her body as the strange feeling overwhelms her. Sinn can feel the product working as she suddenly transforms.