Human Trade Bliss Dulce


Human Trade Bliss Dulce
Starring: Bliss Dulce and Scott Torvea

Background: Bliss Dulce answered an ad in the local C list for a photoshoot, she has always wanted to be a model and now is her big chance, or so the thought. Her car had broken down so the photographer (played by Scott Torvea) offered to pick her up at the bus stop near by.

The movie starts as they walk in and he has her stand against the wall while he sets up the camera, she asks why there is a video camera (since she thought it was a photo shoot). He simply replies it’s for recording and she is so happy to be a model that she doesn’t even question it. The camera is set and they are ready to start. Everything is fine until he tells her to take her shirt off. This is not what she agreed to!

Scott tries to calm her by explaining the process, she listens as he explains what the video camera is for as well as the tv monitors. She is still not sure what exactly she signed up for until he tells her that the people watching will be bidding on her! Bliss panics and Scott grabs her by the throat and slams her against the wall. Now she understands she will be sold to the highest bidder!