Aging Transformation Virtual Sex – Arielle Lane


Starring Arielle Lane

I’m glad you’re here as I confess that I’m dying. Giving you a pov kiss, I want you to enjoy my young body that is decaying from the inside out. My organs are disgusting and it feels like I’m melting.

I want your cock inside of me for my last moments. Riding your shaft in cowgirl position, I tell you about how I’m transforming. Savor my pretty face and perky tits. My skin will wrinkle and turn gray, turning to dust. My mind will go and I won’t remember you, but don’t stop making love to me even if my sight and hearing leave. I love you so much and want you to remember me young and beautiful instead of the mindless corpse I will turn into.

Everything hurts. I’m confused. Who are you? Falling to my back, you continue fucking me in missionary position as my mind becomes cloudy and my body becomes still with my eyes staring vacantly.

Filmed POV

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