Giantess Revenge – Jacquelyn Velvets


With Jacquelyn Velvets!

I’m glad you woke up and your first image is looking up at me in my black boots. Do you like your new tiny body? Did you really think you could cheat on me without consequences? you were deceitful and the only use I have for you is to lick my leather boots.

Clean these dirty boots with your tongue as punishment. you are a foot slave and if you disobey your Goddess I will be stomping you out of existence. Get every crevice with that little tongue or you will be boot crushed. There’s too much dirt on my stilettos, keep licking or be punished.

you liked getting into my yoga pants, so you will live there forever, little pervert. Get in the butt of my spandex leggings and as I’m ass smothering you out. Ass smacking your helpless body breaks your bones with each impact. Let’s wedge you deep inside where you can barely breathe. Ass plopping insures you are crushed and gives more pleasure than when we had sex.

Serves you right!