Giantess Little Mina’s Rent


Staring Little Mina

Mina need to collect the rent from her tiny, little roommate. He isn’t living up to the agreement so she will have to take it out on him by having some fun with him. He is so tiny and helpless she sits on him to suffocate the little, tiny, helpless man. She is no longer going to pay the rent unless you pay with your body. After holding him down, keeping him from moving she decides she might be a little hungry. He begs for her to let him go but she may taste him. She takes a lick; he is so scare. Mina shows off her tongue and her mouth taunting him. She loves to torcher. But if she eats him, she will be able to collect his life insurance and pay her rent the rest of her life. What a good deal for her. Mina gets a bite to eat and gets paid.