Captive Belly Macy Nikole


Starring Macy Nikole and Scott Torvea

Macy wakes up, cuffed with her arms over head, not sure how she got into this position with only her cute little red bra and panties on. She struggles against her binds when a man walks in. She asks him who he is but he does not respond, she asks why she is here, he does not respond. He only checks her cuffs to make sure they are secure.

Once he is done checking her cuffs, he goes right to her beautiful little belly. She keeps asking him what he wants and what he is doing but he simply ignores her questions and focuses on her belly. He runs his hands and fingers all over her tight tummy. He slides his finger inside her belly button, in and out in and out, before he starts to kiss and lick her stomach. Sinking his teeth into her skin. She begs to be let go but it is if the only thing he cares about is touching and playing with her belly. Rubbing, squeezing and clawing her belly seems to be the only thing he is concerned with.

Lots of great belly closeups

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