Tourist Trap Dakota Charms


Starring Dakota Charms and Scott Torvea

Dakota Charms, a young female tourist, was at a local night club in the foreign country she is visiting.
Wearing a mini dress and black thigh high boots, Dakota has been arrested for prostitution.
Dakota has been informed that if she pleads guilty, she will only have to pay (equal to $25 u.s.) for a local prostitution license and the charges will actually be dropped. She figures a “hooker” license will be the best souvenir ever.

Knowing this it is no surprise when the judge tells her in pleading guilty she has waved all rights to appeal.
Dakota agrees and says she will accept the penalty.
What is the surprise is the judge telling Dakota that  the prosecutors office has added “for the purpose of Espionage” to the Prostitution charge because the country’s defense minister was at the same night club Dakota was at.
Anything to do with espionage, including prostitution for the purpose of espionage:
Mandatory death penalty!

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