Remote Control – Summer Hart


Summer Hart comes in and starts chatting nonstop. As cute as she is with her red hair, large tits and big ass, the gossip is too much in the off chance that you may get fucked. When you can’t stand it anymore, you press fast forward and her body moves in high speed and her voice sounds like a chipmunk.

Oops, she may have said something sexy. Time to pause the remote because she’s talking about large breasts. Uh, not so fascinating. She’s put in warp speed and sounds like a robot as she drones on.

Wait did she say huge boobs? That sounds like a cock tease. Rewind. Nope, forward and find the repeat of things she already said. This is becoming too much work and she starts to leave. Damn, look at that ass. You bring her back and rewind the conversation hoping you didn’t miss anything that could help you get laid.

Maybe mute is the way to handle this chatty Cathy?


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