Pantyhose For The Doctor Rachel Adams


Rachel is a sales rep for a pharmaceutical company. She arrives at the doctor’s office and is told to wait for you in an examination room. While in the room she sits down on the gurney and stretches her pantyhose covered feet. She allows her one shoe to dangle for a moment before letting it fall to the floor. Then she dangles her remaining high heel while rubbing her shoeless foot up and down her leg. Lots of great angles and close ups.

When the you arrive she puts her shoes back on and asks if there is anything she or her company can do for you. Do you have everything you need? Oh, you noticed my pantyhose? Well, I wore them just for you. Rachel knows that you love those sheer pantyhose. As she asks if your inventory levels are good, she turns around and allows her skirt to slide up. Exposing her pantyhose covered ass. Lots of close ups.

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