Magic Restraints Lucy Purr And Autumn Borrelli FULL


Staring Lucy Purr, Autumn Borrelli

Lucy Purr appears through the door in a sleek black cat suite. She is searching for the book. Down on the floor and looking everywhere, once she picks up the book and realizes it’s a trap. With a flash of light she is immediately naked and her hand bound behind her back. Lucy is shocked and trying to get her hands free then another flash of light and her feet are cuffed. How is this happening?

Again a flash of light and her arms and then her thighs are bound together. Struggling to get free of her trap Lucy loses her balance and slowly falls to the floor. Once again a magical flash and she has a ball gag added to her situation. She rolls around on the floor working her best to free herself.

Autumn walks in to see her captive. You wanted the book? Looking down at her captive knowing this could be fun. Autumn jokes telling her not to go anywhere while she goes to get a leash for her new pet. Autumn has her at her mercy and is going to auction her off to the highest bidder. She has a vibrator strapped to her so the bidders will get a good show. Autumn wants to drive up the bidding as much as she can. She puts a sign on her chest that says thief so everyone will know what they are buying.

Lucy writhing as the vibrator works her into a frenzy. She still struggles and tries to free herself not knowing what awaits her. The Hitachi is giving the buyers a good show and her pussy is being forced to orgasm. Lucy squeals with pleasure and frustration as she is too spent to fight any more.