Gut Rot Autumn Borrelli


Starring Autumn Borrelli
Autumn is sitting on the couch. She eats a packet of gummy bears. She mentions how she loves FINALLY having the house to herself, and on her cheat day nevertheless. “Though I can’t believe all I had to snack on were these sugar-free gummy bears I got online. The Amazon reviews say they have after effects but… **stomach growls* … uh… Eh.” She shoves a handful of gummy’s into her mouth. Then, she leans over, and rips a few loud, wet farts. “TOOT TOOT! Hehhahahah! Aweehhh.” Then… “Ya know what, I think I’m gonna go try that food truck down the road.” She gets up and walks off, fanning her butt as she leaves.
A little later she looks full as she sits on the couch, rubbing her belly. She mentions how she can’t believe she ate FOUR grande-size chilli cheese burritos from that food truck. She also mentions that she probably shouldn’t have washed it all down with that murky looking tap water they were selling, either. It was kind of discolored. But she was so hungry and it’s her cheat day. She says: “Speaking of which… I’m hungry ag––” then suddenly, she rips a fart as her stomach starts bubbling and growling. Her eyes widen. She rubs her belly. “Uhhh… *clears throat* Whatever… uh… *Stomach growls* ooo man **Stomach growls and