Glue Trap Arielle Lane And Jacquelyn Velvets


Glue Trap Arielle Lane And Jacquelyn Velvets

Arielle Lane and Jacquelyn Velvets enter a warehouse that they think is where they are supposed to meet a friend. That friend is going to take them to a volleyball match, they are wearing their tight shorts, pantyhose and tight white shorts along with their brand new white sneakers.

After looking around the warehouse appears to be empty, maybe they got the wrong address. Still, they continue looking for their friend. Shortly after Arielle steps into a glue trap! Her brand new white sneakers are completely stuck in glue. No matter how hard she tries she can not get out, so Jacquelyn tries to help. Pulling and tugging at Arielle but she can not get her loose. When Jacquelyn tries to adjust she realizes that she too is stuck! Her nice white sneakers are now stuck in glue as well!

After a lot of tugging and struggling Arielle manages to get free, but the only way Jacquelyn can get out is to take her shoes off. So off they go Jacquelyn in her socks and Arielle with her glue covers shoes. They wander aimlessly through warehouse when they come across a coffin, now they are scared and decide to get out of there before it’s too late. On their way out Jacquelyn finds her shoes, she puts them on and they go to leave, but a strange man (filmed POV) comes at them. They are so scared that while running away from him they get split up.

Once Arielle realizes that she lost Jacquelyn she sneaks through the warehouse looking for her. But when she is looking her a hand comes out and sprays glue all over her shoes, now her shoes are completely stuck and covered in glue! At that time Jacquelyn comes to help, but the hand comes back and sprays Jacquelyn’s shoes as well! Now they are both stuck and their laces are cover in glue so they can’t even take their shoes off! They are stuck there to struggle to try to get loose!