For the Love of Arielle – Macy Nikole


Starring Macy Nikole and Scott Torvea

Scott is talking with his friend Macy and telling her how he really likes this girl. She is encouraging him, until she finds out that he likes her girlfriend Arielle. He decides that unless he can somehow figure out how to become Macy he will never get Arielle.

Later that day he comes home with a box that he got from a specialty store, in it contains a drink that will allow him to leave his body and enter Macy’s, taking total control of her. He figures he has noting to loose, so he drinks the potion. After drinking the mixture he falls to the bed unconscious. We see his spirit leave his body and walk away while his body is left, lifeless.

Next we see Macy laying on the couch taking a nap, that is when the spirit comes in and morphs into her body. When he wakes up but something is different. He has become Macy Nikole! After he comes to terms with the fact that it worked, he decides to explore his new female body!