Diapered Witness Autumn Borrelli


    Autumn Borrelli goes to a doctors office and can’t help farting as she struggles to get comfortable. A diaper peeks out of her skirt, and she rubs her bloated belly trying hold everything in. Her neck hurts and she rubs her gassy tummy while protecting her neck. Crossing her legs, she struggles to maintain dignity.

    A guy comes in and sits next to her, glaring at her. She confronts him about staring and he grabs her throat and punches her to the ground. She did a hit and run car accident that totaled his car. He doesn’t care that she’s flatulent as he chokes her. A doctor calls for him to stop and Autumn struggles on the floor in tears.

    At the police station, she’s in a Philly collar with a tshirt and yoga pants. The diaper shows through the spandex, but she giggles while farting even though she’s nervous of seeing her attacker. The laughing causes soreness to her throat and then she panics when she sees him glowering. Pulling down her leggings, she reveals her diaper and lets loose. Mortified, she wanders off with her pants around her knees.

    In the police provided safe house, she’s farting and in discomfort as she removes her Philadelphia Collar. Stripping her clothes is hard but she manages to get her foam cervical collar on and lie down to read in her bra and nappie.

    The phone rings, but she’s unable to reach it and falls out of bed causing an accident. Holding her ass, she goes to the bathroom but doesn’t see a text from the cops. The baddie knows her secret location. He runs in, grabs her neck in a submission hold and throws her against the wall. She lies limp on the floor, but the cops are able to grab him.

    In the hospital, she finds the baddie and humiliates him with farts to the face from her diaper booty.