Cruella Deville Wet And Messy


Cruella Deville Wet and Messy
Starring: Arielle Lane

Arielle is trying to get to the warehouse in order to steal the pooches but as luck would have it nothing goes right. First she gets in her truck but it will not start, she cranks it over and over but nothing is happening. Finally she decides to push start it. Pushing and pushing in her knee high black boots with high heels, tight red skirt and cardigan sweater she was not dressed for this! She struggles trying to push it.

She pulls up to the empty warehouse, walks up the steps and enters through the steel door but when she closes it, the door locks and has caught her nice cardigan sweater, she struggles and pulls to get free but no matter how hard she pulls she can not get it out of the locked door. Finally she decides to take off her sweater. She walks around trying to be quiet in her high heeled boots, bending over looking in every spot. Giving us a great view of her beautiful body.

As she is looking she does not notice the oil on the floor, she slips and falls right in it! Trying to get up she is only making it worse covering most of her body in that slick oil. She gets part way up and again right back down on the hard cement floor covered in oil.

Once she manages to get out of the slick substance she tip toes very slowly because it is still over her shoes. The oil is up both her arms, boots and almost completely covering her skirt. She does not have time to change, she has work to do.