Cheating Bitch Autumn Borrelli


Staring Autumn Borrelli, Scott Torvea

Scott walks into the room to see Autumn sitting on the couch. So he wants to hang out and chat with her about a couple of things. He isn’t cool with her isolating her boyfriend, who also happens to be a good friend of Scott. He is ready to call her out on her behavior; seeing her out with another man. Scott recorded her and now she knows he has the proof that she is fucking other men. Autumn is ready to concede to Scotts demands. What does Scott want? Autumn must know what it is going to take to keep her secret. One piece at a time her clothing comes off and now she is on her knees and is informed, everything he says she will do, or the video of her escapades will get sent to her boyfriend. Her sexy talk is more than a trap. Now, Scott has a confession recorded. His zipper comes down and she is gets a mouthful. Even after his blowjob he sends the video and kicks her out. Looks like Scott has his friend back.