Boots Shackles And Stuck Jacquelyn Velvets


Jacquelyn Velvets is home alone and bored. She puts on her knee high black boots trying to figure out what to do for fun. She decides to cuff one her booted ankle and attaches the other bracelet to a pole. During that moment, she enjoys the thought of being cuffed and enjoys it. But her ankle starts to hurt and she wants to free her foot but she realizes she doesn’t know where is the key of the cuffs. First she panics for few seconds and shakes her foot, trying to get the cuff off her foot but it’s useless.

After a few moments she sees a key on a table, she tries to reach it but it’s out of reach, finally she gets it. She tries to insert the key in the handcuffs but nothing is happening, it’s the wrong key.

After some more struggling she sees the key in a cage. She tries to reach the key with her hand but can not reach it. So she decides to use her free booted foot to try to get the key. She puts the booted foot through the bars of the cage. She feels the key under her foot but when she gets the key closer she realizes her foot is stuck between the bars.

She struggles to free it (shakes her foot, tugs her booted foot, pulls her foot but it is no good). After a while she decides to take off her foot out of her boot and after struggling she succeeds to slip her foot out of the boot.

And she finally succeeds to grab the key and free her handcuffed foot, she removes her stuck boot. She takes off her boot to massage her sore foot.

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