Best Remote Ever Arielle Lane


Best Remote Ever
Starring Arielle Lane and Scott Torvea

Scott comes home after a long day at work and just wants to relax and watch tv. He notices that there is a new remote on the couch, but figures a remote is a remote, so he tries to see what is on. It doesn’t seem to be working, and as he tries to get it to work his girlfriend Arielle comes in to talk about her day.

It is then that he accidentally discovers that his remote control can fast forward and rewind women. Scott still trying to get the remote to work when he accidentally presses rewind and Arielle starts rewinding to before she entered, shocked by this he realizes that his remote can rewind and fast forward women.

Arielle enters once again to chat with him but this time he fasts forwards and rewinds Arielle throughout her talk. A few times she notices the remote and asks to see it but he rewinds her to make her forget. A few times where something goes wrong but luckily he rewinds her to fix it.

Throughout her chat he continues to fast forward and rewind her a lot until she decides to leave and she goes to get ready for their date, happy he goes to put it in his pocket but the remote slips out of his hand and lands on the rewind button and Arielle rewinds all the way back to before she chat with him. He picks up the remote and Arielle once agains enters to talk with him but not wanting to hear it again he fast forwards her to the end and she leaves again and Scott puts the remote in his pocket and leaves with his new favorite remote!