Belly Button Queen Of Giantess Arielle Lane


Staring Arielle Lane

Arielle is lounging with sexy, black, patent leather, knee high, stiletto boots barely covered by her black lingerie. She caresses her belly button and enjoys the feeling as she rubs around and plays with it. You walk in with your tiny little body and disturbs her, and she sees you and stands. Arielle knows you want her sweet navel; she knows you want to enter her belly button and she is after you now. She starts to stomp trying to get you under her boot. You are pretty quick and evade her attack as she continues to stamp her foot around you trying to squash you. You leap up and pierce her belly button with your spear; a direct hit. Arielle begins to stagger; she can’t believe you got her. You actually were able to get to her perfect navel. She falls to the floor in pain; her belly rising and falling with her deep breaths. Once again, she massages her belly button as the life drains from her. She begs you to take her sword and finish the job. She struggles with the pain and still wonders how you could have ever got the best of her. You will be her last thought as it was with all of her sisters.