Becoming Bliss Dulce


Bliss Dulce likes Scott Torvea as a friend, but she is a lesbian with a girlfriend. She doesn’t like dick and is annoyed that he keeps pushing for sex. He tries a black magic serum that causes his body to go limp on the bed as he leaves his body and invades hers! She feels strange as the body invasion happens.

At first, he doesn’t understand why he’s in Bliss’s house until it dawns on him that he has become Bliss Dulce. Seeing her beautiful tits he can not resist. Squeezing and pinching her big boobs, it’s surprising that it hurts! Bouncing up and down, he admires her round ass in the black pantyhose. The best surprise is having a pussy instead of a cock!

Masturbating with her hands stroking the clit over the nylons causes moaning and pleasure Scott never imagined! Knowing where the clitoris is really makes a difference!

Stripping the lingerie and nylons, it is amazing to see Bliss nude. It would have been fun to have fucked Bliss, but if Scott pretends to be Bliss, (s)he can bang her girlfriend!