After What You’ve Done – Ashley Wolf


With Ashley Wolf!

What are you doing here after you cheated on me? I don’t want to see you, although shrinking you may be fun because it would be fun to see you small and pathetic like your dick.

you look scared as you look up at my powerful body. I look down and threaten foot smothering you with my socked feet. you may like having my feet crushing you because you were always a freak. Ass shaking is too good for you and I wouldn’t feel your suffering because you are smaller than my fingernail.

I get on your level but prefer standing above you because I’m dominant and stronger. Stomping my soles and stripping my socks, I expose my barefeet. Pointing toes could crush you but I prefer humiliating you with my booty and cleavage that you will never have again. Pussy denied!

you are nothing and will get swept up with my broom. Jumping and stomping, you shake like an earthquake. Lick the bottom of my feet and get between each dark toenails. The sweaty toes will guide you up my long legs and if you crawl up, I will swat you or blow you away by blowing on you with my big mouth.

It’s funny that you will be weaker than me forever. you will get used to it and maybe like it as you worship your Giantess Goddess. Enjoy being insignificant.