Wrestling Lesson - Angel Lee


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Angel Lee is tired of her lazy boyfriend and his male chauvinist ways and wants to teach him a lesson. She puts him in a sleeper hold by using her hand on his forehead and alternating with a mouth smother. He gives lip and she does an abdominal stretch while rubbing his crotch. He's going to be humiliated while she's in charge.

He's put in a figure four leglock while she leans back on her hands and elbows. As he struggles, she alternates between putting her hand and foot on his crotch. She's mercilessly teases him about his growing hard on. How can he get turned on when he's getting his ass kicked?
Scott keeps asking for sexual release which irritates Angel. She grabs handcuffs and he thinks its for her, but she puts them on his wrists. Angel demands that he slither closer and tries to follow her orders because he thinks he's going to get laid.
Unfortunately she demands that he worship her toes and soles because he hates feet! Scott complains that they smell bad and Angel loves taunting him! Patting his crotch, Angel laughs at his blueballs and leaves him to struggle!

OTHER KEYWORDS-wrestling, mixed wrestling, mixed fighting, submission holds, grappling, hand over mouth, foot humiliation, foot worship, HOM, female domination, femdom, female supremacy, blue balls, humiliation,  blondes, big tits


14 minutes
  • Angel Lee Angel Lee
  • Scott Torvea Scott Torvea