Wonder Woman's Age Regression - Lucy Purr & Angel Lee


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Wonder Woman (Lucy Purr) explores a chemical plant looking for Harley Quinn (Angel Lee) and finds her in housewife clothing. She's ready to retire as a villainess and become a mother by spraying Wonder Woman with a serum from her diaper bag. Breathing in the gas and coughing, she's surprised that her Amazon strength is gone. Harley's excited to watch her regress and lose the ability to stand in her red boots. She can't talk like an adult and her helplessness causes a temper tantrum.


A humiliating pee accident makes her cry but Harley's prepared and changes her diaper while Wonder Woman sucks her thumb. Harley deboots the fallen superheroine and changes her out of her big girl uniform and into a clean diaper with her large tits revealed. 


The transition makes Wonder Woman cry in frustration but she's calmed by thumb sucking. Harley soothes her by taking off her crown and fixing her hair into ponytails. She's determined to have her new daughter call her Mommy. 


Harley's used hormones to allow breastfeeding and exposes her large breasts when Wonder Woman cries in hunger. She sings as Wonder Woman nurses and may keep her little forever!


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18:13 minutes
  • Angel Lee Angel Lee
  • Lucy Purr Lucy Purr