Whoopee Cushion Little Mina


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Little Mina is a shy nerdy tutor that has a crush on you (POV). She arrives in khaki pants, shiny shirt, and thick glasses. In a serious tone, she asks to stop the prank wars. When you ask if she knows what a whoopee cushion is, she doesn't, but is embarrassed at her farting sound when sitting on the one you placed.

Repeatedly, she releases big farts on the secretly placed whoopy cushion. Bemused, she doesn't like being humiliated and tries to focus. Straddling the chair, she doesn't see your placement of the whoopie cushion.

Thinking she's clever, she sits on another chair, oblivious to the melted marshmallows. Confused she pretends that she knew what was happening and strips her slacks because it's hot, not because she was pranked. 

In only her thong, she farts on the whoopie cushion and laughs at herself.

OTHER KEYWORDS- farting, fart fetish, humor, humour, practical jokes, pranks, embarrassment, humiliation, wet and messy, wam, Asians, shiny fetish

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11:54 minutes
  • Little Mina Little Mina