Who Wore It Best Part 1 - Angel Lee & Lucy Purr


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Angel Lee and Lucy Purr want to have a wet t shirt contest in the hot sun. They step into the pool with their skin tight jeans and splash water on each other's snug belly baring t-shirts. Their nipples poke through and they compare who has the more transparent shirt while grabbing each other's tits. Using cups they pour more water on each other and their blue shirts cling to all of their curves.

They step out of the pool and compare their soaking denim by spanking each other on the ass. Stripping out of their wet tops, they switch to see who looks better in each shirt. They decide that they need to get more wet and play in the water to get completely saturated.

Time for a new shirt and they peel off the wet ones and replace with dry pink ones! It's challenging to put on dry clothes over wet skin but they love the feeling.

OTHER KEYWORDS - wet look, wet t-shirt, skimpy shirts, wet and messy outside, outdoors, competition, games, pool, denim, jeans, big tits, brunette, Asian, fetish clothing


9 minutes
  • Angel Lee Angel Lee
  • Lucy Purr Lucy Purr