Vore Couple 2nd Breakfast - Andrea Rosu & Emily Torvea


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Scott Torvea asks Emily Torvea if she's hungry even though they just ate. She can't believe that he's already ravenous and annoyed that he keeps pushing it. Emily agrees to get takeout and he starts prepping for his meal.

Emily brings in Andrea Rosu under the guise of dog sitting. Scott salivates as he peeks over the couch. Andrea thinks she hears the puppy, but it's only Scott trying to sniff her hair and flesh. Her thick thighs, big ass and curvy body will taste so good going down his throat and into his gurgling stomach.

When she tries to meet her new charges behind the couch, she shrieks in terror as Scott slowly crunches and chews on her legs. Her legs kick as she screams but Scott loves playing with feisty food and slowly drags her into his salivating mouth. Andrea's hands claw into the carpet as she tries to get leverage against his gnawing teeth.

When she's swallowed whole, Scott takes a moment to digest Andrea. Belching out her shoes, Scott is satisfied with the meal. Emily wants to resume her show, but is pleased that Andrea wore the same size high heels and she gets something out of his appetite!

OTHER KEYWORDS-vore, damsel in distress, kicking, feeder/feedee, struggling, eating, wedges, short shorts, denim shorts, humor, humour, redheads, red hair, PAWG, phat ass white girl, DID


10 minutes
  • Andrea Rosu Andrea Rosu
  • Emily Torvea Emily Torvea
  • Scott Torvea Scott Torvea