Female Training

Bitchy Roommate - Constance Cakp

Constance Cakp bitches at Scott Torvea for walking in front of the tv. The nagging annoys him. He could work on his experiments. He bets that if his project works, she has to leave him alone. Pointing the remote at her, he asks if she feels anything which she denies. She doesn't want to stand up or put her hands to the side, but involuntarily does it. Trying to explain it away, she says she wanted to do it. Needing proof, he has her turn around & bend over. Constance claims she is exercising & not following orders. It's naughty as he commands her to get nude & do jumping jacks while he films her for blackmail. She strips her shirt off, & plays it off as being hot. Her sneakers are removed at his order,  but she thinks it's reasonable for her pretend exercises. Constance covers her tits & pussy as he has her strip out of her bra & panties. It dawns on her that this contraption is working! He has her bend over & he smacks her ass while she's helpless. Standing up again, he tweaks her nipples but is annoyed when he makes her rub her own tits & pussy. A button makes her masturbate faster. She moans in frustration at a burgeoning orgasm. Constance can't admit she was close to cumming. Scott takes it as a challenge. Edging her to orgasm, he teases her but doesn't let her cum. He has more work to do on the memory wipe button. Constance could end up a vegetable or normal & forget this interlude. Pressing the button, Scott suggests that Constance will be excited to masturbate in front of him, stop nagging & do all chores. With a vapid stare, she agrees. Pushing the button, she awakens friendly & supportive. 

Puppy Transformation - Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane is desperate to find her lost dog & wants your help. You give a soda to calm her nerves & she falls to the floor from stress. When she awakens, her face is painted like her lost dog. A sub collar adorns her delicate neck & she obediently begs at your command. Panting & barking, she crawls on all fours eager to please her Master. She's well trained in sitting, rolling over & lying on her back. She tries to sneak something naughty such as eating a plant or licking your foot, but is a good puppy. A flea makes her scratch. She plays and humps your leg. A stuffed toy distracts her, but she won't release it from her strong jaw until you throw it. Arielle digs in the carpet to bury her treasure,& confused why she doesn't make progress. Lying on her back, she waits submissively for her belly rub & writhes at your touch. Her haunches kick in pleasure. She climbs on the couch. That won't do & you grab her collar & pull her down so you can go for a walk with her leash.

Torvea Control Collar Part 2 - Terra Mizu

Terra Mizu put on a magic collar that controls her moves. She's humping the air as if fucking someone & thankful when it stops. Her hand has a mind of its own & slaps her ass when she tries to remove the collar. She forces both hands to her neck to remove it, but the collar makes her spank her ass till red. To humiliate her more, she twerks her ass & worships her shiny black pumps. Terra sucks the toes of the shoe while a ghost takes her from behind. It appears she's enjoying the process by moaning. She edges toward orgasm while sucking the shoe. When she cums, she removes the collar but can't move her mouth. It's stuck open. Drool drips out of her mouth. She smacks her ass. Grumbling, she wanders off to find a solution!

Torvea Control Collar Part 1 - Terra Mizu

Terra Mizu is excited that her lacy panties were delivered & tries them on. Stripping her clothes, she admires how she looks & shakes her ass. The box has a collar that she didn't order but she tries it on. She goes on her hands & knees in doggy position & mimics a blowjob. She finds it odd, but brushes it off. In a trance, she worships her stiletto pumps by sniffing & licking them. She  sucks the toes of the high heels. They go in so deep that she gags on them but doesn't stop. When she's aware of what she's doing, Terra's eyes widen & she tries to remove the shoe, but it's stuck in her mouth! Cognizant that the collar has magic powers, she crams her fingers between the leather & her neck but it doesn't budge. In a feat of flexibility, Terra shoves her big toe in the ring hoping to yank it off with leverage. Grabbing some massage oil, she lubes the inside of the collar & rubs it in. It wasn't enough, so she drizzles more oil, but it spills down her curvy body. Without meaning to, her body thrusts back & forth as if fucking. Terra smacks her ass & gropes her huge tits. Her sexy g string was not supposed to bring such a humiliating experience!

Price Of Youth - Bambi Buttons

Bambi Buttons is an older realtor who brags about her long career. She's confused that you won't be financing or using cash, & offer a special deal. Feeling warm, her drab appearance transforms from mid 60's to mid 30's. The aches & pains are gone. Her hair is a brunette chignon & not grey. The boring flats grow into stilettos. The frumpy clothing morphs into sexier apparel a junior would wear to use her "assets". Bambi's torn between regaining her youthful looks & a demotion at work. Nobody would believe it's her. Another metamorphosis makes her hair longer. She wears younger clothes. With her experience & looks, she could make more money & gets excited. A final change transforms Bambi to her sorority days. She loses intelligence & becomes a ditzy broad! You tell her of her job as your maid. She's excited to make $8 per hour with special benefits! She wants to start right away & bends over to clean to your liking!

Superheroine Captured - Brittany Shae

Super Brittany Shae hears the cries of a damsel in distress in an abandoned warehouse & searches in vain until she finds a recording. She fell into a trap. It's too late to escape. Gas fills the air. She falls limp to the floor. Her body is tied spreadeagle on a table. The silver catsuit shows off her curves. Se slowly awakens confused & egs to be released. Her captor enters & injects training serum into her neck. She goes still. A gas mask replaces her superheroine mask. She stirs lightly as it works its magic. Her trainer unzips her uniform & places an hitachi on her clit. He gropes her perky tits while letting her body absorb the sensations. The more powerful her orgasm, the more the serum controls her. Brittany balks against the vibe to maintain her virtue, but is is worn down. Her moans get louder & she arches in pleasure. He roughly stimulates her nipples by twisting & using the toy, pushing her over the edge. She cums repeatedly. He holds her neck down & she pushes against it to add to her sensation. Her eyes cross & she becomes a submissive slave. Her training is complete. She sits on a dingy mattress. A sign "superheroine" indicates where everyone can have a shot at her. Her eyes are glazed. She rubs a vibrator against her clit. Men take turns cumming on her bukkake style (implied POV). Her body gleams from their cum as she has more orgasms. Super Brittany has fallen from grace in the most humiliating way!

Slave Supergirl - Brittany Shae & Lucy Purr

Supergirl (Brittany Shae) enters the hideout of evil scientist, Lucy Purr. They fight but Lucy is pinned to the wall by the superheroine. She's prepared & applies a mind control chip on Super Girl's vulnerable forehead. A remote causes a blank gaze & Supergirl releases Lucy. With arms by her side, her body sways back & forth. The scientist gloats. Waving her hands in front of her, she presses the remote causing her eyes to cross while her brain is reprogrammed with electric signals from the chip. Standing straight like a soldier, she promises to obey her Master's commands. Lucy tests her loyalty by having Supergirl act like a chicken. Her head bobs, arms flapping like wings, & red boots pacing like a bird. Lucy orders her to be a silly & awkward ballerina, which is amusing, but it's time to train her for a life of crime & terrorizing the world. Supergirl mechanically repeats her mantras, but Lucy becomes enamored with the sexy body under the uniform. She gropes while she's under, because she wouldn't be able to do it under normal circumstances! The chip controls her minion & Lucy plans to direct her by an ear piece. They test the receiver & she jumps once,  holding her arms out in front like a zombie & clapping her hands before dropping them limply to her side. Lucy laughs maniacally at her mindless drone. She's ready to destroy the Justice League as a malleable slave.

Becoming A New Woman - Lucy Purr

Lucy Purr arrives at the empty spa & confused why she got the evite. She sees a sign with  attributes & tries to leave. Unable to open the door or use her phone makes her angry & scared. A voice informs that he's going to take the best parts of 10 women he's been following, creating a new whole woman. Lucy berates him for stalking her for such a ridiculous idea. Assuming he will take a hair she's shocked that he's going to liquefy her! He makes her groggy & she falls limp in his arms. She lies on his lab table & is the perfect specimen for his fashionista profile. The cuffs on her arms complement her leopard print boots & tight jeans. She struggles against her binds but its too late. Lucy arches her back & wiggles to get away from this mad scientist. The molecular structure of the cells in her body alter to a liquid state & collected in the jar The tube in her back drains her juices. She writhes in agony as her soul is collected. Her body goes still & magically all that is left is a pile of clothes where her sexy form used to be. The bottle is stored & her name is crossed off the list. Now for the next girl to show up!

Nephew's Revenge New Slaves 1 - Anabelle Pync & Arielle Lane

Anabelle Pync & Arielle Lane are police & mentally controlled by the nephew of a scientist. His Uncle was jailed & he is getting revenge by ordering his release. They willingly empty their bank accounts & put into his. He will need more, so they are commanded to rob a store. After following directions, they dance. Swaying side to side, they maintain their vacant stare and do a lapdance with grinding. The serum should wear off & he needs them to improve his formula & make it more effective. They get to be the test subjects! They awaken, confused about what happened. They are missing days in their memory. When he explains what they have done, they deny doing them. Arielle even offers to take the new serum because it won't work. Immediately, they start rubbing each other & cannot stop to take their clothes off. They are so horny with each other, they don't hear the commands to stop grinding pussy to pussy. Will they gain their senses and stop this menace to society!?

Nephew's Revenge New Slaves 2 - Anabelle Pync & Arielle Lane

Sexy times with Arielle Lane & Anabelle Pync after they took a serum to control their mind. Their Master can't get them to keep their hands off each other. They need a climax & shove their hands down their pants, rubbing their clits to orgasm. Still horny, they lie on the bed, continuing to grind  each other. After repeated orgasms they fall limp on the bed. Waking up, they are horrified to discover their exposed bodies & shamefully redress. He proved that they were controlled by his serum, but they are more determined to stop him before he profits on the serum they created for him against their will! Wandering his lab, they find the elixir & are amazed that he would  leave it out. They walked into his trap & magically freezes them in place like statues. Using a dolly, he transports them to a staging area. They look so sexy like mannequins as they stand there completely still & helpless. There is no way these do gooders can stop his evil plans!

Stolen Contract Freeze - Monica Jade

Monica Jade is confronted by Scott for stealing his leads. She is bitchy so he uses a new device from the research team. He aims the ray & freezes her in place. Her brain is frozen so she has no recollection of what happens when she is out. Scott opens her jacket & unfreezes her. She is confused & he freezes her so he does not have to hear her bitching. He alternates between freezing & thawing her. Monica panics as her clothes disappear. She offers the contracts back to Scott to make the embarrassment stop. Monica tries covering her exposed body but can't avoid the eyes of everyone as she heads off to her desk.

Nephew's Revenge Loose Ends 1 - Anabelle Pync & Arielle Lane

Anabelle Pync is worried that something happened to Kobe Lee. She gave her a serum to take down the nephew of a baddie.  A call orders her to the lobby, but it was a prank. She finds a mysterious sheet covering a frozen Arielle Lane with a letter in her back pocket. If Anabelle wants to save her, she will have to come to him. Anabelle is determined to come up with an antidote. She gives Arielle a dose & puts electrodes on her chest to get the treatment into her system. Anabelle panics, & Arielle stands still like a statue. More work will be needed to defeat Hanzel!