Training The Boss - Nyssa Nevers


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Your secretary, Nyssa Nevers, catches you peeking at her dangling stiletto and casually drops if off her foot. She dangles the other one off her stockinged foot and asks if you like seeing her pantyhosed feet. Rubbing her hands up and down her legs she admits that she loves how soft and silky they feel.

Teasing, she crosses her shapely legs and asks if the dangling or dropping got your attention. If you are going to stare at her gams she's getting a raise but you can pick out her nylons.

It feels drafty on her feet and she tells you to get on your knees to check for any holes. You look good in that submissive position worshipping her legs and you will give in to her demands. Things are going to change in the office and she will be the one in charge while you are the puppet boss.

Lifting and then stripping her skirt, she shows her nylon ass and soles. You are wrapped around her little fingers and toes, so get used to doing her job as well as yours. Her satin blouse is unbuttoned and she reveals the french cut pantyhose. Teasing you, she removes the bra, showcasing those sheer black pantyhose that you have dreamed about.

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12:32 minutes
  • Nyssa Nevers Nyssa Nevers