Too Late Tickle Part 2 - Monica Jade


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Scott Torvea let Monica Jade fall asleep because he secretly plans to tie her in ropes with her arms overhead. Monica is so frustrated by this because she has no way out of his clutches! He lifts up her sexy lace nightie and dances his fingers across her sexy belly. Her pleas and offers for whatever he wants are not answered and she is in this for the long haul! 

He alternates between light tickles to get the nerve endings stimulated. When she cannot take any more of that, he digs his fingers into her skin and lets her howl with laughter. Her arms and legs strain against the ropes and there is no escaping. Her armpits, ribs, belly, legs, and feet are all fair game and Scott takes complete advantage of his prey. 

Monica had wanted heavy breathing from another activity and instead she got it from tickling!

OTHER KEYWORDS -Tickling, laughter, struggling, sensual tickling, foot tickling, bondage, rope bondage, Silk and satin, lace,sleep, AOH, brunette, black, hair, ebony, African American, petite, all natural, firm, fit, Jade


13 minutes
  • Monica Jade Monica Jade
  • Scott Torvea Scott Torvea