Tickle Slave Auction - Constance Cakp


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Constance Cakp is a slave who has been brought to a secret society auction. Members place bids to purchase her for tickle torture sessions. Wearing tan thigh highs, a neck collar, ankle and wrist cuffs, she tries to escape.

A man wearing a hood opens the door and she pleads for mercy while trying to remain in the cage. He ignores her whimpering pleas and fastens a leash to her neck collar. Cuffing her wrists behind her back, he leads her away.

In the auction chamber, her arms are cuffed above her head and oil is rubbed on her tits, belly and ass. He announces that the next slave is ready for auction. As a demonstration of her sensitive skin, he dances his fingers in her armpits, thighs, and feet. The tickling makes her laugh despite her best intentions and the more she twists to get away, the higher the bids.

She's sold to the highest bidder and finds herself stretched on a bed with her arms bound to the sides. Her helpless feet are cuffed together and partially suspended by rope. Squirming to escape, her nylon feet wiggle but there is not escape. Her stocking feet are tickled with fingers and a hair brush as she laughs uncontrollably. To prevent her movement, he wraps his arms around her ankles and alternates with light and deep tickles.

Moving up her thighs, her body convulses as she screams in laughter. The short interludes in between leave her panting and nervous about what he will do next.

Pulling up the stocking toe, he rips them off her toes and tickles and lickles her bare feet. He laments that his time is up, and leaves her to struggle until the attendant can help clean her up for the next buyer.

OTHER KEYWORDS - tickling, tickle fetish, foot tickling, tickling feet, damsel in distress, bondage, struggling, domination, male domination, oil/lotion, cuff bondage, nylons, stockings, AOH, arms overhead, slave trading, PAWG, DID, laughing, laughter, brunettes, all natural, Constance Capk, Scott Torvea


13:30 minutes
  • Constance Cakp Constance Cakp
  • Scott Torvea Scott Torvea