Tickle Security Authority - Lucy Purr


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Lucy Purr is on her way to a flight, but is stopped by TSA (Tickle Security Authority) when the guard recognizes her from her id. She confirms that she's a fetish model and flattered that he recognizes her.

He checks her credentials in the computer, and she's informed that she needs enhanced screening because her id expired. Lucy's perplexed but acquiesces so she can make her plane. As directed, she stretches her arms for a patdown and withdraws when he tries to tickle her sides. He insists on this position and tickles her armpits which causes her to squirm away from his touch.

She's directed to remove her shoes and he grabs an ankle so he can firmly tickle her foot. Lucy wiggles to get free, but she's not getting out of this tickle inspection! Both feet are tickled and he acknowledges that the computer was right that she was overdue for a tickling. She's going to be detained for tickling in order to renew her fetish license!

In a brief cat and mouse game, Lucy tries to evade the guard, but he scoops her over his shoulder and carries her kicking legs away.

Fast forward to the screening room, and Lucy has been stripped to her pantyhose and hogtied. The guard says a quick, proper tickling will allow him to update her profile. He gives attention to her tan pantyhose feet, thighs, and sides. When done, he gives a few spanks because a fetish model should never let her id lapse!

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12 minutes
  • Lucy Purr Lucy Purr
  • Scott Torvea Scott Torvea