Throat / Neck

Autumn Borrelli's Neck Play

Autumn Borrelli loves being choked. Scott Torvea caresses her neck and wraps one hand around it. Slowly, her throat turns red. She wants more! Her eyes close. She's orgasmic as he holds tighter. She loves being out of control and lightheaded. He teases her about sweating and makes her beg!

Android Breath Play - Anabelle Pync

Anabelle Pync awakens on a couch and tries to leave. An android stares at her. A female voice says she needs to follow instructions. The first task is a sensual dance. Confused, but determined to escape, she's dancing and stripping seductively. She coyly asks to leave and teases the robot. The disembodied voice tells her to take the dildo. The android chokes her throat. Her eyes flutter. She slaps him. He releases her. Panicked, she runs to leave but is commanded to ride the dildo. Rubbing her clit and bouncing her large tits, she cums while riding the shaft and hands it back to him under orders. Kneeling, she offers it to him. He grabs her neck and drags her to her feet. She's taking his synthetic cock doggy style. Moaning, she orgasms as her big breasts sway. She's ordered to take the sex toy again. Jumping away before he can strangle her, she begrudgingly follows orders to give the cock a titjob. When commanded to give the dildo to him, she waits for the punishment before getting fucked (simulated). He holds her off the ground. When released, she grabs her clothes, but the door's still locked. Changing her attitude, she smiles as the robot grabs her throat.

Beaten Wife - Jacquelyn Velvets & Arielle Lane

Jacquelyn Velvets confronts Arielle Lane and calls her a whore for sleeping with her husband. Angered, Jacquelyn throws a punch. Arielle catches it and shoves her against the wall. A quick belly punch and face punch knocks her out. She slumps to the ground with her round ass in the air. She awakens. Arielle slams her calves on the back of her neck. Although asleep, Jackie grunts each time. Sensually caressing her big ass, Arielle uses her long legs to keep knocking her out. A belt chokes her neck. She tries removing it before the whites of her eyes flutter shut. Drool drips down her face. Arielle strips her tank top and daisy dukes to reveal her nude colored lingerie. Squeezing her prey's cheeks, she makes fun of her before straddling and kissing her limp body. Her husband would love seeing his Mistress atop his beaten wife! Jacquelyn rouses and embarrassed to be exposed in lingerie. She pleads. Arielle pulls her hair and forces her to do a humiliating puppy crawl. Submitting to the superior woman, Jacquelyn is broken down and knows her place. Arielle makes a phone call to her boyfriend. Jacquelyn barks like a doggy. He's excited to see the new training. Arielle puts Jackie into a chokehold and out like a light. Jacquelyn snores as Arielle draws an L on her forehead for LOSER, PATHETIC on her chest, and GOODY DOGGY on her belly. Pictures are taken. Jacquelyn is pushed to her belly and big booty in the air.

Tease & Denial Neck Play - Anabelle Pync

Anabelle Pync is excited about a hitachi vibrator and choking, but doesn't like edging games. The vibe goes up her leg and stops. Scott wraps his hands around her delicate neck. Moaning and gasping, he keeps her on edge and teases her sensitive nipples. His fingers rub her clit and just as she's about to cum, he removes the toy. She pouts about female blue balls. Squealing and crying as her pussy is edged, he  muffles her moans with some neck squeezing. The sex toy is removed and he slaps her pussy. Her pussy lips are red and she's horny to cum from the teasing. He grabs her throat and hands her the hitachi magic wand so she can orgasm! Content, she calms down and says thank you!

Casting Call Hanging - Anabelle Pync, Arielle Lane & Angel Lee

Anabelle Pync, Arielle Lane and Angel Lee go to a casting call that requires handcuffs and topless nudity. They smile and modeling their booty shorts and crop tops. Handcuffs go on their wrists. They remove the metal restraints, go topless, and put them back on. Angel balks at the request to go nude and sits on the couch with cuffs on. Arielle and Anabelle's cuffs are removed, they strip naked, pose in their handcuffs then sit with Angel. The roleplaying involves guns and acting in fear until they learn they aren't fake! They watch the goons hang nooses over a slab of wood. Angel struggles as he yanks her neck and demands she strip her shorts. The rope goes around her neck. They drag Anabelle in tears. Arielle follows until all are bound around throats. At his command, they rotate and show off their bodies with the cuffs still on their wrists. In vignettes, they're choked with ropes while sitting on their knees. The goons hold knives to their throats as they squeal in terror. Facing the wall, they cry as guns are pointed at them. On their knees, they have barrels of the guns shoved in their mouths. Back in the nooses, they stand on stools and turned in different directions like cattle. On his count, the stools are kicked and the girls have a panicked look!

Anabelle Pync's Neck Play

After a long day of shooting, Anabelle Pync lets Scott vent frustration by wrapping his hands around her neck. He can choke but can't tease her. She gasps and moans as her head flops forward. She likes sensation play. He goes harder while pulling her closer. Her large tits create dramatic cleavage as she pushes against him. Gentle kisses and caresses make her wet and more submissive. A deep strangle causes her red fingernails to drop from his arms, but she doesn't tap out! 

What She Deserves - Sinn Sage

Sinn Sage humiliates Scott Torvea for poor office performance. He chokes her throat in anger. Her body drops to the floor. The whites of her eyes show as she struggles to remain conscious. She slumps over limp. He awakens from fantasy. Sinn humiliates him. He goes to dream world and uses a gun to shoot her brains. The blood splatter against the wall is satisfying. She pulls him from his reverie with bitching. In reality, he grabs her neck after she fires him. She awakens nude in his basement attached to an electric chair and struggles. Scott taunts. She pleas for release. A live camera records her trauma. An audience watches her death in real time. Jolts course through her veins, causing her eyes to roll, hands spasm, bare feet flex and body jerks. Crying between currents, she apologizes for being a cunt. Slumped in her binds, her tongue hangs out. She can't bother him anymore.

Gallows Remorse - Anabelle Pync

Anabelle Pync is led by two guards to her execution. She sniffles in remorse as she sees the noose over the trapdoor in the floor. The executor removes her handcuffs and strips her tank top. She tries to cover herself as he removes her bra and reveals her big tits. The sneakers are taken. The tight jeans shimmied off her hips. The knee socks and blue panties are stripped. She cowers in shame. Handcuffed, he puts her blonde hair in a ponytail and ties her ankles together. The noose goes around her neck. She cries in fear. He reads her chosen passage from the Bible and the Court's sentence. She thanks the Warden and apologizes for the murder of her husband.  Manic, she recites the prayer repeatedly until the guard puts a hood over her head. Calming down, she whimpers and her large breasts heave. The trap door is removed. She struggles briefly before going limp. A stethoscope checks her pulse. It's recorded that she has successfully hanged to death.

Throat Business - Alora Jaymes

Alora Jaymes meets a John. Asking for half the money, he doesn't want to give it to her until he sees what he's paying for. She reveals large tits in a sexy black bra before stripping a leather jacket and skirt. Down to lingerie and over the knee boots she demands payment but is refused. Angry, she threatens to send her pimp if he doesn't pay half. Getting dressed, she doesn't realize that Scott grabs a rope and wraps it around her neck. Struggling, she tries to fight him off but gasps too hard. Falling to the ground, her long legs flail as she chokes and her tongue darts in and out of her mouth. Weakened, her arms are pinned. She flops helplessly and goes limp in his arms. He throws her heavy body to the ground and ragdolls her limbs.

Rope Vs. Electric Chair Part 1 - Autumn Borrelli & Emily Torvea

The guard informs Emily Torvea that her appeals have been denied and she will be executed. Confused, she looks at the prisoner (and former nurse) Autumn Borrelli and asks if they are hanging her. Autumn gloats about having more time and watching Emily die. Emily wonders if they're any other doctors she can use, but puts her long red hair in a bun and allows Scott to measure her neck. He handcuffs her hands behind her back. They walk to the gallows. Autumn is playful as Emily is bound with rope around her ankles and knees. Scott reads the legal decree, but Autumn interrupts and tells Emily not to pee herself when swinging. Scott gives her a look. She quiets down.  Emily is irritated and confrontational. Autumn tightens the ropes and rips open Emily's shirt to take her heartbeat with her stethoscope. Scott adds a hood. Autumn taunts Emily as the last face she will see. The rope is pulled. Emily gasps. It's done at a wrong angle causing the guard to pull her out of the ropes and onto the floor. Gasping, Autumn is upset that Emily didn't die. They're ordered to resume the execution. Emily's given a choice. If they try hanging again and it doesn't work, they will leave her there until morning. She can try a new electric chair. Autumn's irked that she gets all the new toys, but laughs inappropriately at Emily's imminent discomfort. 

Card Game CatFight - Lucy Purr & Little Mina

Little Mina and Lucy Purr sit barefoot and banter as they place $100 bets on a card game. They accuse the other of cheating and strip their scout uniforms to prevent hidden cards. Once nude, they deal the cards. Both have sneaky ways of cheating. Lucy splashes her drink on Mina. The table goes crashing in the air! Punches fly with uppercuts and belly punching. Lucy coughs. Mina throws her to the ground and chokes her neck. Gasping, Lucy pushes her feet into Mina's belly and against the wall. Exhausted, they punch before falling to the ground. They pull hair and grapple for dominance until one girl is left on the ground after being choked. The winner takes the money and leaves.

Card Game FULL Version

The guys invited their girlfriends (Arielle Lane, Brittany Shae, Sinn Sage, & Autumn Borelli) to a poker game. The women are curious that they're the bets. It's naughty but playful. They're excited to meet the dealer, Emily Torvea. She explains if the guy is given a card with a heart, the girlfriend strips her top. Laughing, they go through a round of cards. Some wear bras & others expose their tits.Emily excuses herself to get a mysterious bag of toys. Aiming a shotgun at the girls & handing pistols to the guys, the women are ordered to put their hands on their heads & walk to a wall. Each man gags his girlfriend with ductape. Emily orders them to strip to panties while they eye the stools in front of them. Their eyes widen & cry when handcuffed with their wrists behind their backs. Emily Torvea explains the girlfriend of the losing guy will be hanged. Four nooses hang before each girl. They step on the stool to await their fate. The guys laugh & take pictures with these scared girls before tying the rope around their necks.Emily excuses herself to change into her executioner outfit of a small bikini while the girls turn around & show their asses for more pictures. Rotating like a piece of meat, the guys face them forward & return to their card game.The first card is a misdeal. They debate if they should all be killed at the same time. It seems more fun to go with the lowest hand. Emily removes her high heels while mocking the girls. Things are tense as the girls await their fate in the card game from hell. Scott loses. Arielle must die. Emily preps her by stripping her panties, revealing a dark full bush. Rope binds Arielle's ankles & knees. The girls still have their wrists handcuffed behind their backs. With glee, Scott kicks the stool, causing Arielle to hang & struggle in the air. The other girls look on in horror as she quickly goes limp & taken out of her ropes, cast aside. Sinn's the next victim. She strips her panties & has her ankles & knees bound. MMMPhing through her tapegag, she's mortified when her boyfriend kicks the stool out from under her with glee. The whites of her eyes show as she gasps for breath & goes limp. Emily drags the limp body of Arielle & Sinn to get them out of the way. The guys are amazed they both had the same hand but not sure how it affects the game. Scott has an idea of double crossing the dealer because she left her shotgun while tending to the dead girls. They point their guns & tell her they can't have any witnesses. Brittany & Autumn look in in horror as they turn on their own baddie. She begrudgingly walks up the stool & puts on her own noose around her neck. They bind her arms behind her instead of using clanking handcuffs like the other girls. She complains that the ropes are tight. They shove in a ballgag to shut her up. They cry in their gags. Emily's allowed to keep her bikini on, but the other girls are stripped to panties while standing on their pedastal. The guys crack jokes while forcing the girls to pose for selfies with front & back poses. On the count of three, each guy kicks the stool out & the girls quickly go limp in their ropes as they hang.