Teacher Transfer - Lucy Purr


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Lucy Purr is lecturing a student about his bad grades and plans on telling his parents. He informs her that won't happen because he will possess her. Laughing, she says that's impossible... until he vanishes.  Confused, she struggles as his invisible entity overtakes her body.


Testing her voice, he's amazed at how easy that was! Rolling her head, he makes sure he can impersonate her. Looking down at her huge tits and long legs, he never realized how hot she was. Since he has the opportunity, he nervously unbuttons her blouse and feels her curvy ass. He's not sure if Lucy knows that she's possessed, so he jumps out of her body. Regaining cognizance, Lucy realizes that she's exposed but doesn't remember anything. While buttoning her shirt, she's taken over again. This is amazing and he plans on doing more after the meeting with his Mom and Dad!


When chatting during the conference, the teacher vouches for him and everything goes great until Lucy tries to win back her body. Yelling out "Get him out of me" and "Help me" confuses them, he lies about getting nervous twitches. They buy the excuse, but think it's odd when he says "Bye Mom" at the closing.


Once they are gone, he feels up her body and can't believe he got away with this. Now that he knows how, he will do it so much more! Lucy regains her senses and is unaware of the invasion. However she is embarrassed to be undressed and runs off! 


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12:53 minutes
  • Lucy Purr Lucy Purr