Tangled Web - Lucy Purr


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Lucy Purr has been paid to steal classified research and hacks the computer until she hears a strange sound. Walking toward the closet, she almost opens the door, but is drawn to the beeping of her download.

Heading back and opening the creepy door, she can't see anything and uses a flashlight. Screaming, a web grabs her leg and she struggles to get free. It slowly pulls off her pants, but she manages to get escape and run to the other door.

She's trapped and yelling in fear, she feels the webbed tentacles pulling on her shirt. It pulls her to the ground and yanks her blouse over her head as she kicks and fights to maintain modesty. Clad in only bra, panties and stilettos, she doesn't love the sticky tentacles caressing her tender skin.

Crawling to the door, she frantically jiggles the door handle. Standing, more of the creeping webs encase her, and she's stuck in it's grasp. It mummifies her body and she can't stand anymore. The mother beast pulls her closer to the door and her futile kicks only tangle it more. The creature sprays and gags her with more webbing. Her cries for help are muffled mmmps as she's pulled away inch by inch. Her legs disappear as her body squirms toward the unknown.

Her screams continue until the door slams shut and she's never heard from again!

OTHER KEYWORDS - vore, aliens and monsters, forced stripping, damsel in distress, erotic magic, magic control. struggling, stuck, escape fetish, mummification, peril, DID, high heels, lingerie, haunted house, brunettes, big tits, bra & panties, Latina, Asian, 


19 minutes
  • Lucy Purr Lucy Purr