Supergirl Exposed


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Supergirl heard a scream for help around an abandoned warehouse and scopes the area looking for trouble. She enders the building and as she looks around something seems wrong and she starts to feel weak. A baddie sneaks up behind her causing her to pass out in his arms. Her big eyes flutter as she goes out and her limp body is cradle carried away.

Things are a bit groggy for Supergirl as she awakens in a cage. Her yells for help are unheeded and the baddie mocks her pleas for release. He explains that the collar around her neck is made of kryptonite and the more she struggles, the tighter it will get.

He is perturbed that Supergirl has caught half of his crew and made a mockery of him in the criminal world. A couple of snapshots in this helpless position will restore his reputation. If she won't smile or do as he says, a blast of the collar will make her follow his commands.

Little does Supergirl know, but the collar has a little bit of controlling powers as well as kryptonite. She will have to do whatever he says and he enjoys toying with her as he has her grab her breast. This is just the beginning as he orders her to come out of the cage.

The first thing to do is lose the cape. At first she protests, but a blast of the collar forces her to take it off. When she is ordered to her knees and to crawl, she is to look at the cameras that record her in this most embarrassing state. She cries as her hands defy her and take off her skirt. Left in only her leotard and boots, Supergirl is repulsed when he orders her to take it off. Slowly she eases it off her body and is humiliated as her body is on display against her will. Her hands try to cover her nude body but when she is ordered to offer her suit, there is no free will at all left in her body.

Supergirl is allowed to leave, as long as she leaves naked. The press is waiting for her and he was kind enough to let her leave on her boots!


19 minutes
  • Jacquelyn Velvets Jacquelyn Velvets
  • Scott Torvea Scott Torvea