Stuck Hanging - Bambi Buttons


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Bambi Buttons has to change a lightbulb even though she's afraid of heights. Climbing the ladder a couple of steps, she panics but comes up with an idea. She harnesses a rope around her belt buckle thinking it will save her if she loses her balance. After completing her task, she's so proud and forgets that she is attached to the hook.


It pulls on her belt and as she feels her shorts riding up her butt, she loses her footing causing the ladder to fall to the ground. Bambi's left hanging high in the air by the back of her daisy dukes! She's annoyed that she's wedgied in mid-air and she helpless to stop it.


As she swings and calls out for help, her legs flail and kick in the air, but nobody is coming to her rescue. Spinning in circles, she tries to slow herself down by swinging her arms in the air.


Time elapses and the wedgie is only digging deeper into her skin. She marvels at the lightbulb jokes that may arise from this! It was funny at first and then she panics about how she will hang there forever.


Things get worse when she realizes she has to pee. Bambi tries to contort her body and hold her feet together but there isn't much she can do to alleviate the pressure. Her hands dive between her crotch but she's mortified by the prospect of having to wet herself.


Will anyone save her?!



OTHER CATEGORIES- stuck, struggling, damsel in distress, bondage, wedgies,  legs, kicking, female desperation, desperation, embarrassment, humiliation, short shorts, barefoot, bare feet, brunettes, leg fetish, @ScottTorvea



22:28 minutes
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