Stuck Bambi Buttons


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Bambi Buttons awakens bound at her wrists and ankles, but escapes her binds. In her haste, she doesn't realize that her boots are stuck in a gluey substance. 

As much as she tries to get free, it becomes stickier and she can't lift her feet. Moaning at the exertion, she is frustrated when it becomes harder to move. Sitting down, she leverages her body to pull the gooey substance, but her feet are pulled back down to the ground. 

All of a sudden, alarms go off and she realizes she will be caught again!

OTHER KEYWORDS- stuck, struggling, damsel in distress, Abused shoes, boots, boot fetish, wet and messy, escape fetish, escaping, wet and messy, wam, DID, brunettes, jeans fetish, denim fetish, @ScottTorvea


13 minutes
  • Bambi Buttons Bambi Buttons