Stepping On Limp Bambi Buttons Toes


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Bambi Buttons is limp in Scott’s arms and he holds her up by her armpits. Using his heavy shoe, he steps on her bare feet and laughs when she stays asleep! Her head flops from side to side and her arms flail helplessly as he repositions her in their awkward dance. He supports her by grabbing her neck and has her lean into him as he steps on both feet. Periodically, he lifts her straight up and puts her down.

OTHER KEYWORDS- limp fetish, sleep fetish, barefoot, ragdolling fetish, foot fetish, barefeet, barefoot, foot torture, Belly baring shirt, brunettes, yoga pants, Scott Torvea, @ScottTorvea


12:24 minutes
  • Bambi Buttons Bambi Buttons
  • Scott Torvea Scott Torvea