Stepmother Giantess - Emily Torvea


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Your step mother, Emily Torvea, wants to chat with you. She really loves your father and isn’t with him for the money, so stop sabotaging the relationship. Your dad is on a business trip and you guys can bond while he’s away.

Want to see the new ap she got on her phone? She points it at you, causing you to shrink. Now that you are tiny, she can terrorize you! You can’t run away because her sock clad feet will stop you in your tracks. Picking you up, she taunts and smushes you between her palms but not so much that you would be smushed. How can you think you can fight her when you are smaller than her thumb?

Stop pinching! You are dropped on the floor and she crawls on the ground to find you. Using her hands, she presses down on your helpless body. Too bad your father thinks you are a disappointment. She steps on you and squashes your body beneath her knee socks making sure to dig you into the carpet. You are overwhelmed by her smelly feet as she puts her full weight on you.

You like it when she sits on you with her perky ass because she always sees you staring at it. Grinding her ass on you, she demands that you respect her marriage to your dad. Squealing when you bite her butt, she grinds harder.

If you promise to stop ruining her marriage, she will let you live, but she can’t turn you back to your normal size. The ap wears off, but it may take some time.

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17:54 minutes
  • Emily Torvea Emily Torvea