Sprains and Casts

Little Mina's Broken Foot

Little Mina changes a lightbulb in her platform shoes despite a fear of heights. Using a ladder, she climbs high, but loses her balance and falls to the floor. Crying, she tenderly rubs the pain. Scott Torvea runs in and gingerly removes her high heel. Her tan pantyhose constrict the swollen ankle. She rolls to her back so he can cut them off. Wrapping a towel around her legs, he stabilizes it before encasing it in elastic wrap. He lifts her by her armpits and warns her not to put pressure on her foot. He holds her waist as she hops in her single stiletto. They return home and her leg is in a blue cast. Her dress's rolled up so she can hop with ease. She's thankful for the help when she was helpless. It's hot to be taken care of in her time of need. It's so manly. Scott licks her toes and black toenails. She vibrates herself. Talking about her hurt foot gets her off. She cums hard. 


Oh The Pain - Arielle Lane

Arielle Lane tries to put her heavy groceries away despite her neck being cradled by a tight Philly neck brace.Her hands grab her throat to alleviate the discomfort, but it doesn't help. She bends over, revealing a diaper she has worn since the beatdown. Dropping a bottle, she slowly eases down to grab it. Gingerly walking to the living room, she strips her skirt & takes longer than normal. Trying to find the right position, she shimmies it off in a series of contortions. It slides over her Converse Sneakers. She tries opening the prescription bottle but it rolls under the couch. She tries to reach it. Crawling on her hands & knees with her ass in the air, she doesn't notice Scott Torvea until he yanks her up by her ponytail. He's hired muscle for a loan shark & collecting money that Arielle owes. She begs for another week. She's already in pain from the last beating which affects how she earns money. Desperate, she tries to run away, but keeps one eye on the intruder. She doesn't see the door, smacks into it, falling to the floor. Clutching her neck brace, she writhes in pain. Scott uses her ponytail to wrench her neck & drags her back to the couch by her legs. He flings her body around to maximize her neck pain. After working her over, he headlocks & rams her head into the wall. Her neck brace pops off & falls to the floor next to her as she cries in agony & struggles to reach it. It's a challenge to reattach it. She got one more day to pay her debts!

Anabelle Pync's Bondage Crutches

Anabelle Pync is punished by her boss for wandering the office & chatting with the other secretaries. He tied her legs tightly at the ankles & knees because hopping in high heeled boots would slow her down. She is determined to wear her stilettos & hops around the office doing her job. Anabelle remembers seeing some crutches in the office & thinks it will help her cover more territory. Swinging through each stride, she talks about how it feels to crutch with her legs & heels tied. It is fun & she could do this all the time if her boss made her. She decides to crutch away so that she can show her friends!

Anabelle Pync's Crippled Foot Part 2

Anabelle Pync gets ready and adjusts her garter belt before putting on her clothes. She is careful to keep her big toe out of the way as she hikes her skirt up. Grabbing her Coban, she wraps her ankle to her thigh and her foot sticks out at a perpendicular angle. The vet wrap is tight and well secured. The skirt is tight and she has a hard time getting it over her stump, but she finally manages to pull it down while having her foot peek out the back of the her skirt.


Using her crutches, she hops to the mirror to check out her handiwork. Anabelle brushes her hair and applies makeup before hobbling to the living room. Someone left a mess and she carefully bends down to pick things up. Pausing on the couch, she massages her foot.


It is not easy being crippled!


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Anabelle Pync's Crippled Foot Part 1

Anabelle slowly wakes up and pulls her crippled foot out of bed before rising. Yawning, she rubs her foot and grabs the harness. Gingerly looping it around her ankle and attaching it to her waist causing her leg to be held up. That big toe sticks out and she grabs the crutches by her bed. Hopping to the mirror, she brushes her long hair and lets her useless leg sway in the air.

Her clothes for the day are put under her chin and she hops back to bed. The red belt is removed and she rubs her sore foot before putting on a pair of white nylons. The seam in the back and the lace at the top detract from the wrapping on her foot even though her toe sticks out. A high waisted lacy garter belt is the cherry on top of her lingerie.

Backward Crutches

Annabelle uses her forearm crutches with the cuffs against the front of her forearms because she enjoys the extra challenge on her limbs. Topless, she crutches back and forth with mostly frontal views and some rear end views. The sexy bare foot looks so good as she balances all of her weight on it. Lots and lots of smiling and acting sexy as she always does. Being an amputee does not get her down even as she struggles to get around.

One Legged Secretary

Anabelle hops into her office using her crutches. Her black stiletto heel looks so sexy on her right foot. The stump hides under business skirt and the pantyhose wrap around what is left of her leg.

Her body falls into the office chair and Anabelle commences with her secretary duties. From time to time she swivels in her chair so she can get up. The crutches are placed under her arms and she ambles around the office.

When she sits down again, she takes off her single shoe and massages her pantyhose clad leg. Her cute little stump is revealed and she strokes it before pulling her skirt back down. The single foot is gingerly placed in her pump before she carries on with her duties.

This is all very candid and a normal day as an one legged secretary!

Important Account

Lucy hobbles toward her couch and favors her right foot because it is so tender. Her hand grazes over the swelling ankle and she gingerly takes off her high heel. The slightest weight on her barefoot causes her to moan in agony.

She takes off her other shoe hoping that she can get her ankle in shape before her big meeting. They do not look kindly upon helpless women, and this is not going to help her win the account. 

Back and forth across the room she struggles to find the right angle or some form of relief. Every so often she falls to the sofa and tries to work out the kink, but never finds the right position.

In despair, she hops off to find crutches. 

Sprained Ankle Chanel Yeoung

After a fall when running, Chanel limps cautiously into the living room and coddles her right foot. She slowly removes her sneaker and her white ankle sock compresses the swelling. When she tries to put weight on it she moans in pain before falling back on the sofa.

The sock is gingerly removed and simply placing the foot on the ground causes tenderness. In an effort to become comfortable, she tries different positions, but nothing feels right. Crutches are the only thing that will help and she hobbles off to get them.

When she returns, she wanders around the room using the crutches, but it is still uncomfortable. Chanel gives up on trying to walk and sits with her leg extended. There won't be any runs in her near future!

Crutches-Sara Liz

Sara Liz has such long legs and occasionally she gets a little clumsy. Her sneakers get caught beneath her and she tumbles to the floor. Breathlessly, she realizes that she sprained her ankle. It has already started to swell and she has a hard time taking off her shoe.

She tries to walk on it but every time she puts pressure on it, she feels searing pain through her legs. Slowly, she hobbles through her bedroom favoring her hurt leg but decides she needs to get crutches.

When she limps back with the crutches, she gingerly takes her sock off, and wraps her sore foot with wrapping tape. Even with the extra care, Sara is extremely uncomfortable. 

Anabelle's Crutches

Anabelle has a badly sprained ankle and she hobbles around trying not to let her hurt foot touch the ground. She coddles it as much as she can but it is so hot to see her foot dangle helplessly from those long legs. Despite her pain and discomfort, she smiles and is sexy as she seductively crutches while showing off front and back views.

Monica's Crutches

Monica is getting used to being reliant on crutches but still hopes that her friends will come over and help her around the house. She hobbles around her living room but is frustrated to be so helpless.

As she hops into the kitchen, she ambles back and forth trying to stay focused on the task at hand, but the pain in her legs keeps her distracted.

When Monica heads to the bedroom, she crutches back and forth aimlessly because her mind is completely focused on the agonizing pain. She finally cannot take it anymore and collapses to the bed with her crutches to her side.