Sore Feet - Arielle Lane


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Arielle Lane complains about cleaning after a shoot but can't find her sneakers. There's a rule about wearing footwear for safety, and she wears highly arched stilettos. Scott Torvea (POV) teases and films as she sweeps and struggles to walk. Maybe she should have put on a maid outfit instead of a tight spandex dress?

Steps get smaller as she hobbles through the large warehouse. Taking a break, she crosses her legs and removes the offending shoe to flex and point her foot. Vowing to never wear them again, she shoves and buckles her large feet back in the ankle strap pumps. Determined to finish her job, she click clacks on the hard concrete floor. 

The stairs never felt so steep and she moans in agony as each calf flexes and contracts. In the shoot room, she sits and savors the feel of bare feet on carpet. Wiggling her toes and wrinkled soles, she demi points before squishing her feet back in the offending fuck me pumps. The patent leather stretches as she jams her footsies in, almost needing a shoe horn.

Ambling downstairs, they joke about doing bastinado. She goes upstairs and falls to the floor, begging to remove the shoes. Her long legs point and flex as she strips the offensive footwear. The relief is short lived because she has to go back to work! 

OTHER KEYWORDS- shoe fetish, foot fetish, highly arched feet, high heels, foot torture, stilettos, struggling, legs, leg fetish, housecleaning, humor, humour, candid, behind the scenes, BTS, walking fetish, moaning fetish, calves, calf muscle fetish, brunettes, male domination

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27:50 minutes
  • Arielle Lane Arielle Lane

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