Socialite Tickling - Arielle Lane


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Arielle Lane wants to join a country club that requires a family legacy or sponsorship. She doesn't have those options but is interested when he talks about a secret initiation. At the guard's direction, she removes her shoes and lets him take pictures of her pantyhose feet.

When he orders her to strip her skirt, sweater and bra, she's timid but follows orders. She tries to smile because the members want happy girls. He leads this shy girl to the initiation process.

Handcuffs bind her arms overhead. He tells her that the sponsors want fun, ticklish girls and tickles her underarms, waist and legs. As his hands tease and deny her inner thighs and belly, her giggles evolve into chuckles. Tickling feet makes her laugh hard and her wrinkled soles arch as she tries to get away from his touch.

The second round involves being stretched on a table with her arms over her head and nylon feet suspended in the air. While tickled, she arches and struggles, nervous about what he will do next. Blindfolding her with his hands makes the anticipation more intense because she doesn't know when his hands will attack!

Her performance landed her a sponsor but she needs more tickle torture to work on her endurance!

OTHER KEYWORDS- Tickling, pantyhose, pantyhose fetish, forced stripping, embarrassment, embarrassed naked female, embarrassed nude female, ENF, laughing, foot tickling, armpit tickling, bondage, arms overhead, handcuff fetish, bondage device, struggling, auditions, rope bondage, tease & denial, tease and denial

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18:33 minutes
  • Arielle Lane Arielle Lane
  • Scott Torvea Scott Torvea

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